Sports and Leisure

Top sports from the country of the champions

Finnish people are real sports enthusiasts. Both as spectators and as active participants. Thus it comes as no surprise, that many of the most innovative concepts –  ranging from sports and leisure equipment to stadium and arena concepts  – have been created in Finland.

This is especially true for ice sports, and the Finnish national sport ice hockey in particular. HCA is in an excellent position to open the doors for Finnish companies to the German sports and leisure market, thanks to strong and long-lived contacts to Finnish and German sports associations, stakeholders and enterprises.

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the no. 1 supplier of sports facilities in Scandinavia.

Health and Wellness

More zest for life with health concepts from Finland

Good health and good quality of life go hand in hand. People live longer and they want to lead healthier, more satisfying and active lifestyles enabled by modern health concepts. People of all ages are now looking for efficient and economical solutions to stay fit. Germany, like many other Western countries with a large ageing population, is facing a major national health challenge.

HCA brings the vast experience of health concepts from Finnish institutes and enterprises to Germany and helps to adapt them to match the local needs with the close collaboration with research institutes and health experts. HCA paves the way for Finnish clients to successfully enter the biggest health market in Europe.

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the leading supplier of components for active aging.

Ecological Construction
and Living Concepts

Cutting edge technology for sustainable building

Global megatrends such as climate change and increasing energy prices are driving the demand for sustainable building solutions. Smart building concepts using wood are ecologically and economically sound investments for the future.

New advances in engineered wood and timber work technologies allow the construction of state-of-the-art multi-storey buildings. Well designed wood-based building concepts offer all-round energy efficiency and flexible solutions for providing healthy living environments for example for the aging population.
Finland has vast experience and expertise in all of these areas. HCA is your direct connection to the right sources. Be it for timber work enterprises, town councils, or condominium owners: HCA is the organisation to talk to. We will find the right answers, technologies and products to match your requirements. HCA also offers support throughout your project – from the development phase to coordination.



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the key general contractor for wood building.

Energy and Environment

Smart Energy Integration Concept

Main requirements:
• High energy-efficiency
• Use of local renewable/surplus energy resources
• Intelligent solutions for energy use, networks and energy supply (active participation of consumers)

The solution consists of three main elements which are closely in connection to each other:
• Smart Energy Homes
• Multi-Source Low-Carbon Energy Infrastructure
• Smart District Energy Management

Benefits of solution:
• Nearly energy autonomous district solution with perfect power balance between energy production and energy demand
• Safe and realiable energy provision
• Opportunity for innovative user-oriented energy services

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the leading research technology company in the nordic countries.

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