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Welcome to the Head Corporate Advisor GmbH (HCA)

The proven expert in capturing market share and driving commercial success for Finnish products and solutions in the German-speaking markets.

HCA has an impressive trackrecord in building mutually profitable business connections between Finland and the German-speaking countries.

Together with our domestic and local clients and partners, we  strive to continuously strengthen these connections and to improve the quality of people’s lives with the power of Finnish innovations.

For our customers from Finland we provide market access to Germany, the biggest economy in the European Union.

By identifying market entry opportunities, synergetic Finnish products and feasible projects, we give our clients a real head start on their road to establishing themselves on the highly competitive markets. Moreover, we help our clients to avoid many obstacles and common pitfalls saving time, trouble and money. And most importantly – allowing them to focus on their core competence.

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Mika Wilska


“Innovation in Finnish marketing” crystallizes our mission and on-going commitment to meet the highest standards in our comprehensive service portfolio.

HCA harnesses its long experience, market knowledge and expertise to help Finnish companies create new export opportunities or to expand and intensify their exporting activities in the German-speaking markets.

HCA is highly committed to this task. With a tight-knit network of experts, proven competence and excellent connections with Finnish companies, organisations and authorities, we are the partner of choice for companies who want to establish a strong foothold in this exciting market.

Mika Wilska

Our Mission

The HCA mission is to harness our marketing expertise, in-depth market knowledge and expert network to transform Finnish innovations into profitable business in the German-speaking market.

We strive to be the most result-oriented and respected partner in creating new export business in our chosen fields.

Our philosophy

“In the future everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes”, was the celebrated quote by Andy Warhol in 1968. This one-liner described a phenomenon that truly has become unprecendented reality over 30 years later: YouTube, reality -TV and social media channels can indeed bring world-wide fame overnight.  The flipside of the coin is that the fame and recognition often fades away just as quickly.

Are you looking for the kind of fame and recognition that lasts? There is something else that it takes: success.

If you want to be successful you must stand out – in a relevant manner. Being only appealing, likeable, funny or crazy isn’t enough. A successful person is often defined by being able to do something that most can’t do: make people become followers. Turning customers into loyal fans and ambassadors.

Success is much more complex than fame. Fame doesn’t automatically translate into success. A successful person, company or a brand – however – will almost inevitably become famous, too.

Our “Innovation in Finnish marketing” motto pursues both aims: fame and success.

In pursuing them, we at HCA will not settle for only giving you what you want. We want to offer what you and your business needs.  It’s our business to help yours!

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